Reseller Program

IPTV Reseller Programme
● Are you keen on becoming an established IPTV service provider?● Benefit from a complimentary IPTV reseller panel● Procure premium IPTV subscription services at Competitive rates● In search of a reliable IPTV provider? Look no further
Our dedicated team of resellers actively oversees the service, ensuring timely content updates and repairs. We pride ourselves on delivering top-tier IPTV services and always welcome constructive feedback.
Credit Pricing Structure
● 1 Credit: £5● 1 Month: £5● 12 Months: £20● 1 Credit equates to 1 Month● 4 Credits equate to 12 Months
As a reseller, you have the opportunity to purchase credits at varying rates and subsequently market IPTV subscriptions at a markup. Presently, our resellers report an average monthly income ranging from £5,000 to £10,000.
Residential Pricing Structure
Monthly● Single: £7.50 ● Multiroom: £12.99 ● Triple Room: £19.99
Quarterly● Single: £19.99 ● Multiroom: £24.99 ● Triple Room: £31.99
Bi-AnnuallySingle: £31.99 Multiroom: £39.99 Triple Room: £60.99
Annually● Single: £50.00 ● Multiroom: £79.99 ● Triple Room: £109.99
Terms and Conditions
● Please be informed of our policy against Zero & Idle Credits.● Accounts with a Zero Credit balance for over 24 hours may be suspended, with a subsequent 7-day grace period to reinstate credits.● Non-compliance will lead to permanent panel deletion.● Idle credits for over a month may result in account suspension, followed by a 7-day notice for credit top-up.● Failure to adhere will result in permanent panel deletion
Kindly note: All aforementioned actions are executed post 12 PM (UK Time)


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